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Ms. Jordana Sands is a well-known visionary impressionist artist, whose artwork has been broadly shown and collected worldwide.  Her impressionist portraits have made her a favorite of the celebrity world and her visionary paintings and impressionist florals have been shown in New York City's most famous galleries. Ms. Jordana Sands is one of the few artists chosen to be represented by the world famous Grand Central Gallery until its recent close.


Ms. Jordana Sands has enjoyed an unusually broad and diversified background in the creative arts as a painter, dancer, actress and singer; and these multi-talents in various fields enabled her with a unique angle of perceptions of life, energy, spirit, and universe.

"I see life as a metamorphosis, an infinity, a cyclical flow of energy, universal energy with no beginning and no end. I paint that energy. When I paint a flower, I am that flower. Sometimes when I paint, I realize that I am unaware of what I am painting ------ Only that I am painting."

Ms. Jordana Sands studied art at New York's famous Art Student League with the famous artist Gustav Rehberger.

All artworks are available at OpenSea.


Genesis Gallery - 57th St. NYC
Grand Central Gallery - 57th St NYC
Nina's Choice Gallery - 57th St. NYC
Dyansen Gallery - Soho NYC
Lombardi Gallery - Soho NYC
Jadite Gallery - NYC
Art Expo - Javits Center, NYC, NY
Zeigler Gallery - Zurich Switz.
Lafayette Gallery - Dallas TX
National Art Sources & Services - NYC
Darell Ramos Gallery - Dallas TX
Guild Hall Museum - East Hampton, NY
Atlantic Bank - NYC
Cristal Bay Gallery - Peekskill, NY
Winthrop Collection - Madison Ave, NYC
Miracles Gallery - Sag Harbor, NY
Marylou's - NYC, NY
Letizia Gallery, NYC, NY
Kazan House of Beauty - NYC, NY
Shagreen Gallery - Savage Mill, Md.
Sundance Gallery, Bridge Hampton, NY
Watchung Art Center, Watchung, NJ
Ryan Chelsea Center NYC, NY
LU MEN Gallery NYC, NY



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Breslow & Walker
Ziegler Corp.
Smart Card International
National Communications Association
Association for Information Management
Universal executive Centers
S.A.M. Associates
Progressive Ribbon
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